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Een lijstje van 10 items die tot de verbeelding spreken (en ook ik viel voor deze ‘link-bait’). Interessante statistieken die ook ons toch wel versteld doet staan en zelfs andere media keuzes laat maken voor klanten. Lees met ons mee:

“Here are the top 10 most ground-breaking stats that we’ll be using to drive our marketing strategy in 2016!”

#1: People form first impressions in about 17 milliseconds – Angie Schottmuller, Three Deep Marketing
#2: More than 86% of time on your phone is spent within an app – Samantha Yeh, Bitly
#3: Emails with a single call to action increased clicks by 371% and sales by 1,617% – Ellie Mirman, Toast
#4: The average person spends 2 hours a day on Facebook – Larry Kim, WordStream
#5: Asked to “pick one thing you could ask your phone to do for you,” 45% of teens selected “send me a pizza” – Greg Sterling, Local Search Association
#6: Click-to-Call Commerce Will Reach $1 Trillion in 2015 and Double by 2019 – John Busby, Marchex
#7: 66% of marketers are still using a single-touch attribution model – Mark Irvine, Wordstream
#8: 92% of HubSpot’s blog-sourced leads came from older posts – Corey Eridon, Hubspot
#9: 50% of Search Queries are 4 Words or Longer – Casie Gillette, KoMarketing
#10: People forget 90% of what we share with them – Carmen Simon, Rexi Media

Geschreven door: Erin Sagin is a PPC Evangelist and Community Manager at WordStream. http://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2015/11/18/life-changing-marketing-stats