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They did it again. With Google Analytics, Google has once again created a piece of free-ish enterprise software in a previously costly field (think Google Drive instead of DropBox/Box or Google Docs instead of Microsoft Office) which has become so omnipresent that it’s hard to avoid. Not only is it easy and free to install and deploy, it’s also simple enough that CEO’s to understand it and the de-facto standard for investor due diligence. But most of the time it’s completely wrong.

Let me start off by saying that I am not advocating for people not to use Google Analytics; in fact I use it avidly and consider myself a big fan. With this post, my mission is rather to provide a bit of perspective for the many current and prospective startup founders out there who base (or intend to base) their ‘data-driven work style’ on Google Analytics alone. In my world, Google Analytics should be seen as one advisor of many rather than ‘the one truth’, and here’s a few reasons for that:


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